Connections are VITAL.

VITAL brings together the right collaborators to generate evidence faster.

Why Vital is Unique

The VITAL process is focused and develops the necessary evidence that supports the accelerated adoption of new innovations. Our team of experts are passionate about understanding how innovation may impact the standard of care.

Good solutions often get delayed because they lack the evidence.
Fragmented paths to market

Getting new ideas infront of doctors and health insurers is still overly complex.

Prioritizing simplicity

We match technology leaders and top clinicians who have influence over health care and coverage. Once you make contact with us and your project gets approved, we can arrange a real-world test of a product or idea.

No coordination

Gathering all of the data and evidence necessary to support innovation is inconsistent and lacks coordination.

Seamless integration

We are uniquely suited to bring together:

  • Doctors
  • Research institute
  • Carefully targeted patient populations
  • Advanced claim information, clinical data, and cost analytics.
  • Patient and clinician experience
Lack of information

Solution adoption decisions lack experience data — from both patients and clinicians.

Data that makes a difference

We identify projects that are predicted to meet or exceed industry standards. And we help gather real-world clinical, cost, and experience data to support them.

Who Works With Vital?

Healthcare is more than economic and clinical data. VITAL works in tandem with clinicians, health plans, and innovators to validate solutions that improve each aspect of the patient care journey.


With VITAL, you can step into the forefront of tomorrow's patient care solutions with the widespread adoption by the medical community.



VITAL gives you the opportunity to help make the latest medical solutions more widely available, improve patient experiences, and lower costs.


Health Plans

Let VITAL help your health plan make informed decisions based on our test-and- learn scenarios, so you can transform the future of health care.