The Freespira® breathing system helps patients with panic disorder reduce the severity of their panic attacks.

Positive change in quality of life satis­fac­tion from 8% to 92%1


89% savings from pre–to post-​intervention1


50% greater savings than the stan­dard invaasive surgical proce­dure1

Value for technology leaders

“Improving health outcomes for the patient and reducing overall medical costs is a win-​win-​win for the patient, provider, and insurer. The goal of the VITAL program is to accel­erate reim­burse­ment by Highmark Health for novel solu­tions that would normally take several years to receive coverage and payment.”

Debra Reisenthel –CEO Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc. California-​based manu­fac­turer of Freespira®

Anthony P. Mannarino

Real Benefits for Clinicians

“Freespira® helped patients reduce panic symp­toms and panic attacks, leading to a better quality of life and overall reduced costs.”

Anthony P. Mannarino PhD – Clinical Lead
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Allegheny General Hospital

A VITAL collaboration

Thanks to VITAL’s collab­o­ra­tion with Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc. and Allegheny Health Network physi­cians, patients who expe­ri­ence frequent panic attacks may soon have access to a new drug-​free treat­ment.

The Freespira® in-​home digital ther­a­peutic device treats the phys­i­o­log­ical compo­nent of panic attacks that occur in patients who suffer from anxiety. It uses a sensor to control chronic hyper­ven­ti­la­tion by training the body to normalize its CO2 levels and breathing rate.

For the partic­i­pants enrolled in the testing of Freespira®, it elim­i­nated or reduced panic attacks and other panic symp­toms for at least 12 months post-​treatment1.


Successful collab­o­ra­tion led to changes to medical policy as of May 2018.


1Source: VITAL | Allegheny Health Network | Highmark Health | Freespira® pilot 2015 – 2017